Small Group of Vets Keeps Local Memorial Day Parade Alive

The Bayonne Memorial Day Parade stepped off this Monday on Memorial Day — despite being canceled due to COVID-19 — a small group of Veterans marched up 5th Street to keep the more-than 100-year tradition alive.

Two Bayonne Memorial Day Parade Committee members, Michael Embrich and Mike Ransom, kicked off the parade from the usual location located at the World War I Memorial behind Mary J. Donohoe Elementary School in Bayonne.

New Jersey still has restrictions on large gatherings like parades, and Monday’s parade complied with social distancing and other CDC guidelines.

“We wanted to keep the Bayonne tradition going, and at the same time remember the many Bayonne Veterans who gave their lives in service of this Nation.” Said Michael Embrich, Commander, Catholic War Veterans, New Jersey.

The small group aimed to be safe and responsible, so the parade was not announced to the public. 

Typically, the Bayonne Memorial Day Parade hosts hundreds of marchers and thousands of spectators each year in Bayonne. The parade is one of the oldest Memorial Day parades in the State of New Jersey. 

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